Private Training

Contact us today to prepare a specific training agenda tailored to your team's needs drawing on our full course catalog. Here are some popular offerings.

This is our full course catalog. Introductory courses require no prior knowledge of Drupal. They may have other prerequisites of prior knowledge or experience. Intermediate courses require Drupal in a Day or similar level of experience. Advanced courses require previous experience with Drupal site building.

Courses list

Drupal 7

Title Level Duration
Hello Drupal! FREE Drupal 7 course and materials Introductory 3 hours
Drupal in a Day Introductory 1 day
Drupal 7 Site Building Foundations Intermediate 5 days
Drupal Layout and Theming Advanced 2 days
Drupal 7 Panels Intermediate 1 day
Drupal 7 Module Development Advanced 2 days
PHP for Drupal Advanced 1 day
Drupal 7 Immersion for Developers Intermediate 5 days
Drupal Site Building Intermediate 2 day

Drupal 7, Drupal 8

Title Level Duration
Drupal Content Administration Introductory 1 day
Customized Content and Site Administration Training Introductory 1 day

Drupal 8

Title Level Duration
Ready. Set. Drupal! An introduction to Drupal 8 Introductory Self-Paced
Conceptual Drupal 8 / Managerial Overview Introductory 1/2 day
What’s New in Drupal 8 Intermediate 1 day
Building Websites with Drupal 8 Intermediate 1 day
Introduction to Drupal 8 Introductory 1 day
Drupal 8 Layout & Theming Intermediate 2 days
Drupal 8 Immersion for Developers Intermediate 5 days
Drupal 8 Module Development Intermediate 2 days

Acquia Product Courses

Title Level Duration
Acquia Cloud for Developers Intermediate 1 day
Site Building with Site Factory Intermediate 2 days
Deploying Custom Changes to Site Factory Advanced 1/2 day
Title Level Duration
Acquia & govCMS Introduction & Site Building Training 1 Day