Condensed Drupal 8 Front-End Specialist Certification Ramp-up

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This course helps to prepare you for the sought after "Acquia Certified Front End Specialist" Drupal 8 exam. Get access to live instruction, code examples, Q&A, take home exercises, curated links, AND a practice exam. This is the best way to prepare and assess your own readiness for Acquia's Certified Front End Specialist exam. The course material has been prepared by Debug Academy's team of Acquia Certified Front End developers, including a certified Drupal Grand Master; Debug Academy is an official Acquia training partner.

This course is:

  • For Developers looking for a refresher and condensed ramp-up for the Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exam
  • Not designed for Drupal 8 beginners

Why This Course?

  • The "Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exam" is the de facto standard for Drupal front end developers.
  • We cover a significant amount of material in a condensed format.
  • Divided into four, 90-minute sessions for easy consumption.
  • Extensive homework tasks to implement concepts covered on the exam.
  • Take-home code samples and exercises in a Drupal 8 codebase.
  • Curated links to reading material to further comprehension.
  • Access to class recordings.
  • Slack channel to study with other exam takers.
  • Opportunity to complete Debug Academy's assessment (quiz) to determine your strengths and weaknesses with the material.
  • Kind, empathetic, knowledgeable teachers who have passed the certification exam themselves.
Four 90-minute sessions

Participants should have the following:

  • 6+ months of experience with Drupal development
  • People with theming experience with Drupal 7/8.
  • People looking to assess their readiness for the Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exam
  • People looking to take a practice exam on topics covered in the Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exam
By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Take and pass Acquia's Front End Specialist certification exam.
What is provided: 
Please bring your own laptop computer.

Upcoming training events

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