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Welcome to Acquia Learning Services, your source for Drupal and Acquia product training. We are here to help you develop and maintain your Drupal and Acquia product knowledge either in or outside the classroom. There are options for your training, including e-learning, private training, and upcoming public training offered by Acquia’s extensive training partner program. Already an Acquia customer? Self-Register on Acquia Academy to gain access to Acquia Product Training. Customers can advance through courses and learn Acquia best practices to get the most out of the their Acquia experience.


  • Free Training

    Acquia customers and partners can tap into Acquia Academy for free product training and tutorials - everything you need from purchase to launch.
  • Upcoming Public Training

    Check out locally hosted or online, instructor-led training events offered by Acquia’s certified training partners.
  • Private Training

    Review our calendar and course list of public and private, instructor-led training opportunities.
  • Acquia Academy for Customers

    Use your work email to self-register for access to Acquia product and Drupal e-learning courses.
  • Acquia CertificationAcquia Certification

    Learn about Acquia's Drupal and product certification exams and how they can benefit individual developers and organizations that use these tools.
  • Study Guides

    Access comprehensive Study Guides for all of our Certification Exams.