Drupal 8

Learn about the next version of Drupal which offers many new features and improvements.

This track includes both an adoption program for teams entirely new to Drupal and those who are familiar with previous version of Drupal. These courses are currently in development.

Drupal 8 Adoption program

Schedule: 5 days with a focus on re-training a team from another platform to Drupal.

  • Who it's for: Developers who have experience developing with other platforms and programming languages. PHP programming experience is ideal
  • What’s Covered: Developing with Drupal 8, extending Drupal with custom code to design specifications.
  • Benefits: Prepare your team to develop robust sites and applications with Drupal 8.

What's covered?

  • Essentials of Drupal 8 development
  • Configuration and configuration management
  • Theming and Twig templating
  • Extending Drupal 8 with custom code

Drupal 8 Update Program

Schedule: 5 days with a focus on re-training a team to use Drupal 8.

  • Who it's for: Developers who have experience developing with Drupal 6 or 7.
  • What’s Covered: Comparative differences of Drupal 8 with previous versions of Drupal. Migrating to Drupal 8, and porting code to Drupal 8.
  • Benefits: Get your experienced Drupal team up to speed with Drupal 8.

What's covered?

  • What's new in Drupal 8?
  • Configuration and configuration management
  • Theming and Twig templating
  • Module development and porting modules to Drupal 8
  • Migration from previous version of Drupal

Courses in this track

Drupal 8 in a Day provides a broad introduction to the essential skills necessary when building websites with Drupal. This course is meant to be interactive.

This course provides a variety of approaches for making dynamic layouts in Drupal, and helps users to choose the right approach for their site.

This course teaches advanced Drupal 8 module development using Object Oriented Programming in PHP. We cover what you need to know about Object Oriented Programming and how to apply advanced programming principles in Drupal 8. Through hands-on exercises, students will build a non-trivial Drupal 8 module utilizing OOP principles and newer, advanced techniques including Services & Service Collectors, Dependency Injection, custom Plugins, events, and more.

This course teaches Drupal 8 development with a focus on front end development.

Unfamiliar with Drupal? You're in for a treat. Drupal is an open source CMS which powers websites built for The White House, NBC, Twitter, Ebay, Harvard, Stanford, NBA, PUMA... and so many more. To see more websites built using Drupal, visit the Drupal Showcase.

This class is designed for:

This five day course (a bundle of 2 days of Site Builder, 1 day of Layout and Theming, and 2 days of Module Development) suits developers who are making the full conversion to Drupal from .NET, Coldfusion Java or other framework or CMS. This would suit developers who have no prior experience with Drupal, giving them insight into how Drupal works from the ground up.

You know how to configure a Drupal site, but you've found limitations with what you can do with core and contributed modules.

This course is meant to be interactive. You will build a functioning Drupal website following the steps of this manual.

This course is for those responsible for administering content on a Drupal site. Participants will see how to navigate the general set up of a generic Drupal site as it is 'out of the box' and compare that to the training site which will have several customizations. This will include custom roles, content types, taxonomy (category) systems.

This course is custom-developed by the Acquia training team for your needs. It covers any applicable tasks and procedures covered in Content Administration in Drupal. Additionally, it will include specifics on integration with internal systems, or customized modules or software added to a specific client site.