Project Management Technical Training

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Are you in the position of managing Drupal developers or estimating effort on Drupal development tasks? If so, being able to explain technical hurdles to clients, to communicate with your developers, and to develop an intuitive feel for the complexity of a task, are each critical skills. This course is developed for project managers who want to gain a better understanding of their projects for those reasons and more. We will break down the jargon, walk through a Drupal website build, and do it all at a pace that encourages understanding and retention.

This class is designed for:

  • People who may or may not have a technical background
  • People who hope to speak knowledgeably about Drupal project builds
  • Managers who want to better understand their developers' task estimates
  • Managers who want to be able to explain Drupal project scope to clients
  • People who want to be able to "sell" Drupal's strengths to clients
  • Managers who want to better identify potential project pitfalls early on
3 hours per week for 4 weeks


By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Understand which technical Drupal tasks are easy, which are difficult, and which are very difficult
  • Gain a better grasp of what reasonable time estimates for Drupal development tasks are
  • Drupal's selling points for your customers: when is a good fit for projects
  • Drupal data types and what they're for
  • Considerations when choosing Drupal "contrib" themes and modules
  • Newer tools in Drupal which accelerate and simplify development work
  • Overview of what goes into making a theme
  • Overview of what goes into making a custom module
  • Caching, Varnish, CDN, oh my! Understand how and why developers interact with these
  • Automated testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery - what do these mean and how important are they, really?
What is provided: 
Please bring your own laptop computer.

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