Advanced Drupal 8 Module Development

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This course teaches advanced Drupal 8 module development using Object Oriented Programming in PHP. We cover what you need to know about Object Oriented Programming and how to apply advanced programming principles in Drupal 8. Through hands-on exercises, students will build a non-trivial Drupal 8 module utilizing OOP principles and newer, advanced techniques including Services & Service Collectors, Dependency Injection, custom Plugins, events, and more.

If you’re an experienced Drupal 7 module developer, the basics of Drupal 8 module development probably look pretty familiar. If you’re looking to advance to the next level in Drupal 8 module development, however, you’ll need to pick up object-oriented programming and delve into the new functionality in Drupal 8 that OOP produces.

Advanced Module Development with OOP addresses that need. This course teaches object oriented programming principles in the context of hands-on advanced module development. You’ll learn OOP concepts and their practical use as we develop a non-trivial Drupal 8 module.

1 day

This class is designed for Developers matching any one of these:

  • People very comfortable writing PHP code (non-OOP is OK)
  • People comfortable creating Drupal 7 modules (using PHP)
  • People who have created basic Drupal 8 modules
By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Explore the major concepts of Object Oriented Programming at an accelerated pace suitable for experienced PHP developers
  • Become comfortable with the differences (and pros and cons) of Hooks vs Events
  • Build reusable/swappable functionality using Drupal 8 Services and Service Collectors
  • Utilize Dependency Injection to let the infrastructure provide system objects more efficiently
  • Utilize the Plugin system to expose swappable user-facing functionality
  • Learn how thousands of videos (new & existing) are auto-tagged on (the module we're creating will be used there!)
What is provided: 
Please bring your own laptop computer.

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