Become a Drupal Architect - Session 4 of 4: Automation for Quality Assurance

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Let's be honest: sometimes there are 4 ways to do anything in Drupal, and 3 of them are best practice depending on circumstances. Pick the wrong path and you might still build a functional website.. for now. 6 months later you may find that architectural decisions are coming back to hurt you - your site may have slowed down, crashed, feel like it is held together with duct tape, or become hard to refactor.

Our 4-part "Become a Drupal Architect" serious is designed to take the intermediate module developer to the next level. We want you to think higher level than code - it's time to think like an architect. This class is part 4 of the 4-part series, and it is focused on "Using Automation to Support Quality Assurance"

Who is this for?

  • Entry to mid-level Drupal developers looking to make better long-term architectural decisions.
  • Drupal developers who are already comfortable building Drupal 8/9 websites.
  • Drupal developers who are already comfortable with PHP.
  • Drupal developers who are already fairly comfortable with Object Oriented programming.
2.5 hours
  • Comfort with building Drupal 8/9 websites.
  • Comfort with PHP.
  • Comfort with Object-Oriented Programming.
By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Understand how and what it means to write code that is "testable".
  • Get your contributions accepted: Contributing code to with automated tests.
  • Unit testing for Drupal codebases.
  • Functional testing for Drupal.
  • Visual regression testing with Drupal.
  • Continuous Integration: why and compare available options.
    What is provided: 
    Please bring your own laptop computer.

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