Object Oriented PHP & Composer with Symfony

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We know that PHP is a solid, popular language for web development; as of April, 2020, it was reported that PHP is in use by 78% of ALL websites! Rather than starting new PHP projects from scratch, lean on the wider PHP community's tools and frameworks by learning Symfony. Symfony is a well-architected PHP framework which provides various components and classes, as well as an overall structure for your PHP projects. Having trouble understanding that sentence? No problem! We'll cover the basics of Symfony, frameworks, components, packages, and more in this class. Symfony is such a solid project that the Drupal community chose to re-write Drupal 8 from the ground up using the Symfony framework as its base! Learning Symfony gives you a head start on Drupal module development, Laravel projects, and, of course, new projects built with Symfony.

Why Learn Symfony?

  • PHP is used by 78% of ALL websites! (Stat last updated on April 2020)
  • Symfony (written in PHP) is the base for Drupal 8+ modules, Laravel, Symfony, and more PHP-based projects!
  • For Drupal developers: Accelerate your custom module development learning journey
  • Gain experience in Object Oriented Programming
  • Learn about popular Symfony components (and what a component is!)
  • Learn about using composer, PHP's package manager, for Symfony (&other) projects

    This class is designed for:

    • Web developers with experience writing PHP code.
    • Drupal 7 developers looking to learn how Drupal 8 works.
    • PHP developers looking to better understand Object Oriented Programming.
    • Self-taught programmers looking to learn better architectural practices.
1 4-hour classes
By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Gain experience in Object Oriented Programming.
  • Understand popular Symfony components (and what a component is!)
  • Understand how to use composer, PHP's package manager, for Symfony (& other) projects.
What is provided: 
Please bring your own laptop computer.

Upcoming training events

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