These courses have some prerequisite courses or specific prior experience.

Delivered by Acquia: Drupal 8 Developer Immersion Course w/ Certification prep

This innovative course is a ‘flipped’ virtual training that combines self-paced learning with weekly live virtual classroom sessions led by an expert Drupal instructor.

Each week you will do weekly self-paced learning and project assignments when it is convenient for you, and attend a 90-minute instructor-led virtual class session. Each session is a workshop where students ask questions, test their skills in applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands-on activities.

Drupal 7 Module development (Back End Development)

This course assumes you're an experienced site builder with Drupal. You know how to configure a Drupal site, but you've found limitations with what you can do with core and contributed modules. You do have experience with programming. While you don't need to be an expert in PHP, you understand the basic constructs of programming enough to work with a new language.

This is an eLearning course available on Acquia Academy.

Drupal 7 Layout and Theming (FrontEnd Development)

Provides comprehensive, hands-on training on Drupal 7 theme and layout development. This course provides a variety of approaches for making dynamic layouts in Drupal, and helps users to choose the right approach for their site. The course provides techniques and best practices for configuring a flexible and extendable layout for websites and enables users to get more control over the look and feel of their sites by creating custom themes in Drupal.

This is an eLearning course available on Acquia Academy.