Site Factory Essentials Training

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In the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Essentials Training, you will learn about the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Platform. This workshop contains a series of tasks, challenges, and demo sessions to help participants understand the fundamental workings of the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Platform and to apply this understanding to practical use cases. This 1-day training is delivered onsite or virtual, for up to 10 participants.

Customer will be responsible for the reasonable and documented travel and living expenses incurred by Acquia’s staff in connection with the performance of Services.

1 day

Completion of Acquia’s Drupal 8 Immersion training or working knowledge of the Drupal CMS is ideal.

By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Navigate the Acquia Cloud Site Factory interface in depth
  • Understand how to best leverage your team and Acquia Cloud Site Factory
  • Understand basic administrative tasks such as groups & subgroups, assigning roles to sign into hosted Drupal websites, remove members, users, and groups, and the Site Factory administration page
  • Create websites from an installation profile (Template)
  • Create a site collection and select a primary website
  • Understand site actions
  • Duplicate a website
  • Demo of deployment of code changes to Site Factory staging environment
  • Demo of deployment of code changes to production
  • Enable multiple installation profiles
  • Understand the development and deployment workflow, and branch-per-feature GIT workflow (for detailed GIT reference, point to our GIT/Workflow course)
  • Overview of SF REST API
What is provided: 
Participants will receive a printed manual which outlines step-by-step activities.
Depending on venue, participants will either be provided with a sandbox environment in a computer lab, or they will use their own computers.

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