These courses have no other prerequisite courses. They may require some previous experience or skills. Check the course listing for details.

Become A Drupal 8 Developer

This course teaches Drupal 8 development with a focus on front end development.

Unfamiliar with Drupal? You're in for a treat. Drupal is an open source CMS which powers websites built for The White House, NBC, Twitter, Ebay, Harvard, Stanford, NBA, PUMA... and so many more. To see more websites built using Drupal, visit the Drupal Showcase.

This class is designed for:

Delivered by Acquia: Drupal 8 Site Builder Accelerator Course w/ Certification prep

This innovative course is a ‘flipped’ virtual training that combines self-paced learning with weekly live virtual classroom sessions led by an expert Drupal instructor.

Each week you will do weekly self-paced learning and project assignments when it is convenient for you, and attend a 90-minute instructor-led virtual class session. Each session is a workshop where students ask questions, test their skills in applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands-on activities.

The Course includes...

Drupal 7 Module Configuration

Modules allow you to customize Drupal any way you need. Fortunately, thanks to the Drupal community, it's likely that the functionality you need has already been built, tested, and proven capable. You will be introduced to very useful modules, and you will be instructed on how to use them!

This is an eLearning course available on Acquia Academy.

Drupal Content Administration

This course is for those responsible for administering content on a Drupal site. Participants will see how to navigate the general set up of a generic Drupal site as it is 'out of the box' and compare that to the training site which will have several customizations. This will include custom roles, content types, taxonomy (category) systems.

Drupal 7 Site Building

In two days, participants will be brought up to speed on Drupal and will be ready to tackle their own project. Learn how to manage media, build calendars and complex, dynamic queries of content by selecting and configuring the most popular modules.