Drupal Content Administration Training

After the launch, internal adoption becomes as important getting your site built. Even for the simplest of implementations, a training program that provides clear guidance and explains the benefits of the new system can ensure the transition is smooth.

We offer both a standardized content administration course and a customized content administrator service.

Contact us for a review of your needs. We offer a range of formats to suit your needs: from online training. integrated documentation, and in-person training.

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Standarized Content Administration course

This course is for those responsible for administering content on a Drupal site. Participants will see how to navigate the general set up of a generic Drupal site as it is 'out of the box' and compare that to the training site which will have several customizations. This will include custom roles, content types, taxonomy (category) systems.

Additionally, popular contributed modules will demonstrate a typical website which has been tuned for better end-user experience in the context of a complete, robust website. These include a customizable dashboard, alternative administration themes and modules, custom Views, moderation modules, Save draft, Media module and others.

This course will make you more efficient and productive in your job. It will also help you communicate with either an internal development team or an external developer on making improvements to an existing site. This course can also be customized as "Customized end-user training".

Drupal 7 has greatly improved user experience for both the end user and developer. A slick administration theme, customizable dashboard, customizable short cut bar, and editing in modal windows which keep the users in the right place. However, because Drupal is highly configurable and flexible, one website differs greatly from another. One site may have user forms, with active users and robust bookmarking, flagging and points systems. Another might be a catalog of hundreds of products each with many custom data fields, and categorized listings.

As an end user, this can pose a challenge. You may find yourself using a wholly customized system similar to a bespoke application. Once you learn Drupal's generic language for content administration and site management, you will be able to manage any Drupal site.

Customized Content Administration Training Services

With this service we offer content custom-developed by the Acquia training team for your needs. We cover any applicable tasks and procedures covered in standardized course, in addition to any maintenance tasks on your own site. This might be specifics on integration with internal systems, or customized modules or software added to a specific client site.

Whether your site, application or service is for your internal staff, or your growing customer base, making sure site managers and members are using it in a productive way is important to its success. Ideally, the management and end-use of the site is taken into consideration at the time of design and building. That may result in custom administration screens, quick links for specific content editing, and access to editable documentation. In some cases, the content maintenance may be an after thought, leaving managers and end users scratching their heads.

Custom training and documentation can service these needs in the most efficient way.

Depending on your service or application, users may be a staff visitor, content creator, a content editor, or a site administrator. The abilities of the users vary from site to site. Even the most of intuitive of interfaces can benefit from customized-user training. In all cases, to ensure adoption, it’s important that users understand their roles and responsibilities, and also how to perform their day to day tasks.