Online Drupal training

We do believe that the environment in classroom based training and on-site mentoring is ideal. It's effective because you can get immediate answers to your Drupal questions and the instructors can react and respond to the needs of the class. For private training, we can also tailor training to your needs. In addition to learning technical procedures, you can enjoy in-person debates and discussions, tackle "what if" kinds of questions, and it's generally a fun and social way to learn.

However, it's not always convenient or possible for you to access in-person training. There is great self-paced training available from Drupalize.Me and

Even the self-paced online training can pose challenges. Sometimes people find it difficult to set aside time for learning, keeping themselves motivated and focused, or even unable to get over conceptual gaps.

An alternative: online instructor-led Drupal training

Our training partners, Figleaf and NxtTeam offer live-online instructor led training. This is means you get the same materials you get in the classroom, but you attend from the comfort of your home and office. Through screen-sharing and video you can see and hear your instructor and fellow classmates. As you work through the activities you also get the same feedback and response that you can get in the classroom.