Hello Drupal!

hello drupal!

Acquia is pleased to present "Hello Drupal!"

By the end of this short course, you will be able to...

  • Explain how a typical site is built in Drupal, and explain the page-model in Drupal.
  • Use Drupal specific terminology such as fields, views, node, block, page.
  • Understand how to build sites the "Drupal way"
  • Determine what skills you need to develop to reach your goals.
  • Know where to go to find career opportunities in Drupal.

Read a full description of this 1.5 or 3 hour tour of Drupal.

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We're delivering these materials free of charge and encouraging Drupalists to deliver this short course in their local area. We'd love to hear your ideas for this course, and feedback on the materials and your specific needs.

Here are some ideas on where you could use this Free curriculum to organize your own Free training courses: Drupal Camps, Bar Camps, Small Business Associations, Trade Organizations, Computer Science Clubs, Hacker Gatherings, etc...

Materials to download

These materials are always changing. Please make sure to check back here for the latest version. Last update: June 2012.

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A message from Dries Buytaert:

"Approaching four years ago my primary driving force to start Acquia was to further the Drupal project by securing a space for Drupal in the enterprise. Together we’ve seen many successes ranging from the US Federal Government, to media and publishing with Al Jazeera and FOX, to the world’s most respected educational institutions, and organizations such as the World Economic Forum. There is plenty of work that is yet to be done, and there is no denying the growing demand for Drupal expertise in the marketplace.

Still one of the largest challenges the Drupal community has to face, is being able to supply organizations adopting Drupal with the quantity, and quality of Drupalists that they require. The answer to this problem is simple, yet complex, we must accelerate the growth of the Drupal community. To help, Acquia has developed a 3 hour introductory course based on Drupal Gardens for anyone interested in getting started with Drupal, it is called Hello Drupal!

We ran two free sessions in our Woburn offices, and received extremely positive feedback. The sessions were fully booked with people of varying ages with little-to-no technical skills and merely an interest in Drupal. By the end of the sessions nearly 100 new people now have enough knowledge in Drupal to actively participate in the community. In order to help accelerate the growth of Drupal, Acquia encourages all of our partners to deliver the Hello Drupal! courses free of charge. I would like to challenge you to enable as many new people to get started with Drupal as possible."

-Dries Buytaert

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