See you soon!

You’re coming to Drupal training with Acquia and our partners? Great!

You may be wondering, how should you prepare, and what should you bring?

DrupalCon training

Where to go?

  • Depending on your venue you may have received instruction about the location and whether or not there is parking or transportation.
  • Please arrive before the scheduled start time so class can begin on time.

What to bring?

  • In most cases (unless you have heard the venue provides computers) you'll need your laptop. You'll need to set-up your laptop before the workshop to ensure that we get the most out of our time together.
  • Please note that if you do not set-up and test your laptop before training, you may be forced to watch along on someone else's machine so that we can all spend our time training and learning rather than debugging your individual set-up.
  • Lunch - Depending on the venue you may have lunch provided for you as an option, or it will be available for purchase nearby. If you have dietary restrictions you might want to bring your own meal or snacks in case your choices aren’t available.

Mandatory Laptop setup:

1. Install Acquia's Dev Desktop.

If you are on Mac or Windows, install the latest version of Acquia's Dev Desktop.

2. Install a text editor or IDE with PHP syntax highlighting.

3. Configure your browser: