Drupal Technical Training for Project Managers (Evening Sessions)


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Are you in the position of managing Drupal developers or estimating effort on Drupal development tasks? If so, being able to explain technical hurdles to clients, to communicate with your developers, and to develop an intuitive feel for the complexity of a task, are each critical skills. This course is developed for project managers who want to gain a better understanding of their projects for those reasons and more. We will break down the jargon, walk through a Drupal website build, and do it all at a pace that encourages understanding and retention.

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As a project manager you are tasked with setting client expectations, managing scope, and managing a team of developers. This course teaches you just enough about the technical side of Drupal to help you develop an understanding of which tasks are difficult, which are easy, and how to explain the scope and complexity of different Drupal tasks to your clients.

This in-depth course will run from 7:00pm - 10:00pm Eastern on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on August 11, 13, 18, 20 for a total of four 3-hour classes. This format ensures adequate time for a non-technical audience to process and retain enough information to truly benefit.


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