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This 2-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of theme development in Drupal 8. The student will learn all the skills necessary to take control over the look and feel of Drupal websites by creating custom themes and subthemes.

Course Outline
Layout & Theming Day 1
Drupal Theming Fundamentals

  • How Does Drupal Theming Work?
  • What are Themers?
  • Making a Simple Theme
  • Working with Regions
  • Adding Libraries and Dependencies
  • Advanced .info.yml Options
  • Adding Breakpoints

Customizing Your Theme

  • Anatomy of a Theme
  • Coding Standards in Drupal
  • Introduction to Twig Template Files
  • Overrides, Available Variables, and Hooks
  • Adding Custom Regions
  • Breadcrumbs

Layout & Theming Day 2

Base Themes and Subtheming

  • Base Themes, Subthemes, and Core Themes
  • Using Subthemes
  • File Inheritance

Matching a Design Mockup Using Drupal

  • The Client's Design
  • Enabling Twig Debugging & Installing Devel
  • Creating a New Subtheme from the Classy Base Theme
  • Configuring Drupal
  • Using Template Overrides
  • Adding CSS

Should I Take this Course?
This course is perfect for those who are:

  • front end developers unfamiliar with Drupal theming
  • Drupal site builders who need to take more control over HTML and CSS
  • planning to build a new site in Drupal 8
  • preparing for delivery of a new Drupal 8 development
  • looking to firm up Acquia best practice knowledge for Drupal 8 Certification

Recommended Experience

  • Having a basic understanding of the following technologies is helpful, but not required:
  • Authoring content using a Content Management system
  • Experience with Drupal's administrative interface
  • Experience with CSS, JS and HTML
  • Some PHP experience is helpful

Online This is an online event.

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