Drupal 7 Developer Fundamentals (Online 4 day instructor led class)


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About this course

Provides comprehensive, hands-on training on Drupal 7 theme and layout development. This course provides a variety of approaches for making dynamic layouts in Drupal, and helps users to choose the right approach for their site. The course provides techniques and best practices for configuring a flexible and extendable layout for websites and enables users to get more control over the look and feel of their sites by creating custom themes in Drupal.

This is an eLearning course available on Acquia Academy.

Event details

This 4 day class provides a broad introduction to the essential skills necessary for editing content, building websites, introducing your designs, managing the theme layout, and taking control of page templates.

Course Outline
Day 1: Site Building
Setting up a local environment
Planning Your New Site
What is Site Building?

    • Content Types
    • Taxonomy
    • Anatomy of a Drupal Page
    • Designing Structured Content Collection
  • Planning Content Types
  • Create a Content Type
  • Adding New Fields & Modifying Existing Fields
  • Adding Taxonomy Fields to Categorize Content
  • Manage Display: Modify Image Styles and Display
  • Set Permissions
  • Content Type Test Drive
  • Content Display and Organization
  • Introduction to Views
  • Create List of Content Using Views
  • Views Display Types
  • Adding Related Content with Views
  • Views Caching and Modules to Extend Views

Day 2: Site Building

  • Site Navigation and URLs
  • Custom URL Aliases
  • The Menu System
  • Module Configuration Workshop
  • Selecting Modules to Extend Drupal Functionality
  • 7 Step-by-Step Labs: experiment with common functionality including Calendar and complex Views
  • Customizing Appearance with Themes
  • What are Themes?
  • Install and Configure Themes
  • Content Workflows and Site Maintenance
  • Custom Content Editing, CKEditor
  • Workbench

Day 3: Layout & Theming

  • Drupal Theming Fundamentals
  • How Does Drupal Theming Work?
  • What are Themers?
  • Making a Simple Theme
  • Adding CSS and JavaScript to Themes
  • Anatomy of a Theme
  • Customizing Your Theme
  • Coding Standards in Drupal
  • Introduction to Overriding Template Files
  • Adding Regions to Themes and Templates
  • Basic Structures in PHP

Day 4: Layout & Theming

  • Base Themes and Subtheming
  • What are Base and Starter Themes?
  • Using Subthemes
  • File Inheritance
  • Matching a Design Using a Zen Subtheme
  • The Client's Design
  • Import Your Site
  • Creating a Zen Subtheme and Configure
  • Building the Layout and Structure
  • Adapting CSS to Match a Design
  • Designing Responsive Drupal Sites
  • Optimizing Navigation
  • Making Views Grid Display Responsive
  • Responsive Images, Slideshows, Videos
  • Controlling Layout Through Configuration
  • Site Building Tips
  • Contributed Modules for Layout
  • The Display Suite Module
  • Panels and Custom Layouts
  • The Context Module

Should I Take this Course?
This course is perfect for those who are:

  • newly responsible for a Drupal 7 website,
  • planning to build a new site in Drupal 7
  • preparing for delivery of a new Drupal 7 development
  • looking to firm up Acquia best practice knowledge for Drupal 7 Certification

Recommended Experience
Having a basic understanding of the following technologies is helpful, but not required:

Authoring content using a Content Management system

  • Experience with Drupal's administrative interface
  • Some HTML, CSS knowledge

Online This is an online event.

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