Drupal 8 Layout & Theming (Online, Hands-on Acquia Certified Instructor-Led)


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Learn Front End Development for Drupal 8

This course describes and illustrates a variety of approaches for making dynamic layouts in Drupal 8, helping aspiring themers to choose the right approach for their site. During this 2-day course you'll learn and utilize best practices for configuring a flexible and extendable layout for D8 websites by using a variety of coding and configuration techniques to implement custom themes and subthemes.

Course Prerequisites

In order to get the most out of this course you should have prior experience in site building with Drupal. We recommend the 2 Day Site Building with Drupal 8 as an ideal preparation for those with prior non-Drupal UX development experience.

In addition:

  • HTML and CSS skills are essential.
  • Familiarity with PHP and the Twig framework is very helpful.

Course Objectives

  • Describe and work with Drupal's theme layer
  • Declare, style, and use custom regions in a theme, theme settings
  • Apply and utilize Stylesheets and Javascript in a theme
  • Build a sub-theme from a base theme

Course Outline

Drupal Theming Fundamentals

  • How does Drupal Theming Work?
  • What are Themers?
  • Making a Simple Theme
  • Working with Regions
  • Adding Libraries and Dependencies
  • Advanced .info.yml options
  • Adding Breakpoints

Customizing your Theme

  • Anatomy of a Theme
  • Coding Standards in Drupal
  • Introduction to Twig Template Files
  • Overrides, Available Variables, and Hooks
  • Adding Custom Regions
  • Breadcrumbs

Base Themes and Subtheming

  • Base Themes, Subthemes, and Core Themes
  • Using Subthemes

Matching a Design Mockup Using Drupal

  • Parsing your Client's Design
  • Enabling Twig Debugging and Installing Devel
  • Creating a New Subtheme from the Classy Base Theme
  • Configuring Drupal
  • Using Template Overrides
  • Adding CSS

How would you do that in Drupal? Real-World Design Considerations


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