What’s New in Drupal 8

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Drupal’s latest release is packed with over 200 new features and improvements! This is exciting news, but for those who have become knowledgeable about Drupal 7 it might be a little intimidating. Whether you are a Drupal 7 site builder, front end developer or back end developer - completing this class will have you ready to quickly claim your place as a Drupal 8 developer.

What’s New in Drupal 8 provides a broad introduction to Drupal 8 with a focus on the differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. This course is meant to be interactive. Following the steps of this manual, you will work on a functioning Drupal 8 website to see what’s changed.

This course serves as a prerequisite to Acquia's Building Websites with Drupal 8 course. It is a full day course and is intended to serve as day one of a two-day Drupal site building curriculum for those experienced with Drupal 7.

Target audience
The content of this course targets people who are familiar with Drupal 7 Site Building and need to understand the differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 before moving on to Building Websites with Drupal 8.


  • In order to get the most out of this course you should have prior experience in …
  • Adding content with Drupal 7.
  • Drupal 7 Site Building.
  • A decent understanding of HTML and CSS experience is helpful.
  • Some prior experience with CMSs and building websites.
  • Familiarity with both Javascript and PHP would be helpful but not necessary.
1 day
By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Articulate the benefits of using Drupal 8 to develop websites.
  • Compare Drupal 8 to previous Drupal versions to choose the right CMS for your purposes.
  • Build content models and create lists of content with your Drupal 8 site.
  • Assemble useful pages to display your data with Drupal 8.
What is provided: 
Please bring your own laptop computer.

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