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This course will provide an introduction to HTML(5) and CSS, the essential components of nearly every webpage. Students will initially learn semantic HTML5 markup and CSS3 syntax, and then essential tools and skills, such as the browser inspector and responsive design methods. The course will conclude with an overview of positioning concepts and Flexbox that help orient webpage elements quickly and efficiently. Students will be provided a website mockup that they will help recreate with the skills taught in each class.

This class is designed for Developers matching at least one of these:

  • People with little or no experience with web development
  • People seeking to gauge interest in web development
  • People looking to ramp up base knowledge prior to taking the 3-month Drupal course


Four 3-hour sessions

Students should have an interest in enhancing their web development and design implementation skills.

    By the end of the training you will be able to: 
    • Understand and use HTML5
    • Understand and use Semantic and Accessible Markup
    • Understand and use HTML attributes
    • Understand and use CSS3
    • Undersrtand and use CSS selectors
    • Understand Responsive Design & Media Queries
    • Understand and use the Browser Inspector
    • Understand and use Flexbox
    What is provided: 
    Please bring your own laptop computer.

    Upcoming training events

    There are currently no events available. Check back again soon, as new events are being organized all the time.