Acquia Cloud for Developers

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This course gives an overview of working with Acquia Cloud and covers suggested development practices while working with Acquia Cloud. This workshop is for Developers with no prior experience of version control who want to use Acquia hosting. However it would be useful for engineering managers and technical project managers who wear multiple hats.

1 day

This course is for someone who knows how to put together a Drupal site, but doesn’t yet have the experience of working with version control and multiple environments; including automation, testing, copying data from various environments.

By the end of the training you will be able to: 
  • Setup your Acquia Cloud hosting environment
  • Setup your local development environment by installing necessary software tools
  • Implement Continuous Integration principles to manage Code and Configurations of your Drupal Site hosted on Acquia Cloud
  • Automate workflows using Acquia Cloud Hooks

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You can take this course online right now. This is a guided self-paced course with code samples, step-by-step exercises and videos. Register for Acquia Cloud for Developers online.

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