Corporate training

Tap into the largest Drupal brain trust leveraging collective wisdom from the Acquia employees, customers, partners, and the Drupal community.

About our training program

Learning how to build websites that not only engage with your target audience but also earn their trust and loyalty has dramatically changed over the last decade. No longer can a successful site be created with coding knowledge alone. The components of a successful website require tighter alignment between IT, Marketing, Sales, Program, and Brand Managers.

Acquia Learning Services is a set of education options for individuals, global teams, and partners on Drupal and Acquia products. We provide learning resources to share best practices for how to properly implement Drupal and Acquia products & services so any risk with poor implementation is minimized and avoided. This helps our customers produce the highest quality websites, ensure they invest in quality developers, and our expertise becomes theirs.

  • drupal-development.pngLearn

    Acquia Learning Services is the best source for high quality and flexible Drupal and Acquia education programs based on years of customer insight.

  • drupal-development.pngImprove

    Training can be customized from basic to deeply advanced material depending on need and urgency.

  • drupal-development.pngValidate

    Assess your team’s Drupal and Acquia product and solutions knowledge and validate it. More information about our services coming soon.

What happens next?

Arrange to meet with our Acquia Learning Services team to help identify and deliver the training your team needs.

First: Preparing your team for training

  • We will help identify you development team's pain points with a team analysis so we can make learning recommendations for you.
  • Define your project status and goals which will become a part of your training package.
  • Share your site with Acquia Learning Services and we can integrate components of it to your learning.
  • Can decide to use our standard training developed or create a highly customized training event that caters specifically to your site, goals, and objectives.

Next: Delivering great training for you

  • You will receive an instructor that best matches the goals, objectives, and learning outcomes you planned for during the discovery process.
  • During the session your instructor can help you understand the complexities of your current and/or planned site build.
  • Appropriate student guides are provided and can be used as reference material for further learning


Training is available for either public sessions or private classroom settings. Public courses range from 1 to 5 days in length; private training packages can be customized to suit your needs.

Private on-site training for your team ensures learners get access to the expertise they need for case-specific questions.

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Multiple formats: optimal flexibility

Courses are available in multiple formats to suit your needs.

  • In-person instructor-led
  • Virtual instructor led
  • Self-paced online

Our training partners

With our global network of Approved Training Partners, we can deliver a consistent Drupal Training experience anywhere.

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Acquia has a global network for Approved Training Partners who provide training in Public & Private settings. These partners are a sub-set of our full Partner Network. If you would like to join this network, please see this page for further information.