Content management

Learn how to manage content; improving efficiency and adoption.
  • Schedule: 2 or 3 days training on-site. This course is focused on creating the same level of high-quality reusable learning materials, but based on your own property. We consult with you and investigate the demands of your staff's roles to make a training course and materials you can reuse.
  • Who it's for: Content administrators, sometimes with site building responsibilities. All levels of experience, focused on your team's needs.
  • What’s Covered: This typically includes content management workflows but may also include managing landing pages or other advanced aspects of content maintenance. Contact us for an assessment of your team's needs. We can start ASAP on preparing your training course, even as your site is being developed.
  • Benefits: A comprehensive training course to prepare those who will maintain the content on your site.

Courses in this track

This course is custom-developed by the Acquia training team for your needs. It covers any applicable tasks and procedures covered in Content Administration in Drupal. Additionally, it will include specifics on integration with internal systems, or customized modules or software added to a specific client site.

This course is for those responsible for administering content on a Drupal site. Participants will see how to navigate the general set up of a generic Drupal site as it is 'out of the box' and compare that to the training site which will have several customizations. This will include custom roles, content types, taxonomy (category) systems.